Help and Guidance

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  • How do I get a login?

    Each school has its own Speakr site, and at least two members of staff with ‘superuser’ access. Your school’s Speakr Superusers or Adminstrators can create a login for you if you haven’t already received an email invitation.

  • I’m having problems logging in – what can I do?

    Your username is your email address. Typically this will be your school email address.

    When you click on the email invitation sent by one of your school’s Speakr Superusers, you will be prompted to choose a memorable password.

    Teachers and pupils login to a school’s Speakr site through slightly different links (this is because we do not expect all pupils to have an email address that is accessible outside the school network). Check that the link that you’re trying to access contains teacher, like this:

    If it doesn’t, insert teacher between and sign in, remembering that the system needs a forward slash either side of teacher. It might be best to bookmark the page in your web browser at this point.

  • I’ve forgotten my password

    Don’t worry, sometimes this happens to all of us.

    This works the same way as almost all of the websites you use. Click on the ‘forgot password?’ on your school’s Speakr site login page. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and (provided the email address is registered in the system) an email will be sent to enable you to reset your password.

  • My email address isn’t recognised

    You may not have been registered on your school’s Speakr site yet. Alternatively your registration may be under a different email address. Please check with your school’s Speakr Superusers or Administrators.

  • What is the web address for my school’s Speakr site?

    We suggest that you bookmark your school’s Speakr site in your web browser (such as Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome / Safari).

    The format for every school’s speakr site is the same:

    The school reference number is typically the Department of Education’s reference number